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File encryption


During the delivery configuration, Sign to sign allows you to attach additional files related to the document to be signed to be sent securely and encrypted. These attachments are for the purpose of consulting or supporting the main document, and the recipient's signature will not be requested.

Sign to sign file encryption uses Self-Executing Encryption technology with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm and 256-bit key length. The recipient can download the files during the time specified by the ordering party, accessing a web gateway where they must enter a protection password.

To attach encrypted files:

  • 1- In the delivery settings, click on “Attach files” and select the files.

  • 2- Once selected, click on the checkbox “Encrypt files”
  • 3- Sets the password generation mode.

  • 4- Sets the lifetime or expiration date of the shipment.

The attached files are additional to the main document of the shipment, which is the document to be signed, and are delivered in a gateway other than the signature gateway.

The recipient can access this gateway from the same email in which the order to sign the document is notified.


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